About Karuna Workshops

At the very base of human existence lies the ability to care and to understand. In a variety of seminar structures, Karuna Workshops aims at alleviating the problematic issues that trouble our lives and at enriching our humanity by helping to bring forth and strengthen this basic potential for insight and compassion.

The foundation for Karuna Workshops is the bodhisattva spirit aimed at securing the well-being of others, both presently and ultimately. In a variety of seminar settings, we can facilitate the development of basic human goodness, without necessarily branding it Buddhism. The Tibetan Buddhist meditation master Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche gave us the name Karuna, which is compassion in Sanskrit, to serve as a constant reminder.

At present, these workshops are meant to be benefits, in the true sense of the word, for the participants and for establishing the bodhisattva teachings on noble-mindedness in all countries.

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